Advantages of having a Real Estate agent in Madrid

To ensure the success of a real estate transaction, we need to have the best possible information, especially when it comes to investing in luxury real estate. Decisions made without proper advice can result in considerable financial losses, rather than just surprises. In an increasingly competitive, and saturated real estate investment industry, it is more important than ever to have experts in the field.

At HousinGo by David de Gea, we specialize in buying, selling, and renting properties in the Salamanca neighborhood, and we want to help you understand concepts such as available budget, property type, and location. Here, intuition is not enough, especially in purchasing processes where it is essential to know how to invest and be aware of all the steps to take.


Which are the best neighborhoods to live in Madrid?

Madrid is in fashion, but it is not a passing trend, but the consolidation of an attraction that for years has put it on the map for tourists, but also for investors.

In addition to its praised offer in gastronomic and nightlife, artistic and cultural heritage, the capital of Spain stands out above other European cities as a focus of real estate investment.

Specifically, according to recent data from Observatorio Inmobiliario, Madrid is placed as the second European destination, behind Berlin, in foreign investment in living, which is estimated at more than 1,400 million. Barcelona, with a seventh place and 900 million, is in the bottom of the ranking.

By living we are referring to the purchase of living spaces to house students, the creation of tourist apartments, shared-use housing and other solutions. This is a booming sector in Madrid and serves to gauge the real estate strength of a city like Madrid.


Real Estate investment, safe value in uncertain times

Few could have predicted that the economic turbulence (and all kinds of turbulence) brought about by the pandemic would be followed by a period of marked uncertainty such as the one we are living through. A time when, in addition to widespread inflation, rising prices of building materials, the increase in the shopping basket and therefore in the cost of living (as well as electricity bills, self-employment fees and other servitudes), there would also be a war in northern Europe that would further agitate the markets.

The investment landscape is changing and opportunities are being sought in cryptocurrencies, paper gold and shares in technology companies. Banks are also offering new, more sophisticated products (whether index funds or derivatives), ready to meet the investment demand of their clients.

However, in this complex scenario, real estate continues to maintain its profitability guarantees, as long as it is invested wisely and following a series of guidelines. In HousinGo by David de Gea, a real estate agency specialized in buying and selling and renting real estate in Barrio de Salamanca, we believe that investing in real estate is still a wise decision.


Steps to follow to buy a house

The most complicated challenges, even quitting smoking, become more manageable if there is information about it. This is how the author of that famous best-seller against the cigarette habit that helped so many people to give up such a toxic habit saw it, and this is how we understand it when writing this real estate information article.

Because buying a home is one of life's most important decisions, whether it is for an individual or family plans, and it cannot be made lightly. Nor looking for a paralyzing excellence, because, as the saying goes, "the perfect is the enemy of the good". That is to say, let's look for a good house, but let's assume that we will always have to make some renunciations, especially if our budget is limited.

Thus, if we choose a sought-after neighborhood, we may not find the penthouse of our dreams, and if we opt for an area farther from the center, we will have commodities but we will spend more time and money on transportation.

Aware of the vital importance of this decision, in the real estate agency "HousinGo by David de Gea", specialist in buying and selling and renting properties in Barrio de Salamanca of Madrid, we have prepared a simple guide with 10 very useful steps if you are thinking of buying a home, either for personal use or as an investment.


Housing: is it better to rent or buy?

Why is the number of homeowners in Spain decreasing?

The number of renters is increasing and the number of homeowners is decreasing (although they are still the vast majority). Is it a matter of choice or rather a lack of alternatives? Because all the indicators show the increasing difficulties faced by young people who want to buy a home.

One of the reasons holding back this access is that of not having sufficient savings to pay the initial down payment that leads to a mortgage.

 In addition, recent interest rate increases have further slowed down the decision to buy a home.


Rental in Spain: history of a spiral

Renting in Spain is exposed to a trajectory of ups and downs that result in price mismatches that confuse the buyer. This affects housing in general in Spain, but also the luxury realRenting in Spain is exposed to a trajectory of ups and downs that result in price mismatches that confuse the buyer. This affects housing in general in Spain, but also the luxury real estate market in cities like Madrid. A situation that condemns the market to a spiral that is difficult to escape. 


What taxes are paid when buying a house?

The price of a The price of a house is not the only figure to take into account when facing such an important operation, there are more expenses when buying a house. Both buyers and sellers must face different taxes, fees and formalities, so it is common that there are doubts about these procedures to buy a house, especially when it comes to buyers coming from other countries.


Trends in the real estate rental sector for 2023

At HousinGo we have analyzed the real estate market in Spain for 2023, specifically in Barrio Salamanca in the city of Madrid. And this is our prediction for the real estate market in 2023:


HousinGo recibe a su segundo alumno en prácticas

"Como alumno de primero de bachillerato, es increíble tener la oportunidad de hacer prácticas laborales en Madrid en una de las inmobiliarias de referencia en el Barrio de Salamanca". - Daniel Javaloyes


"HousinGo by David de Gea", a new brand approved by Servihabitat to access its Real Estate Platform

"HousinGo by David de Gea" is already part of the real estate companies that have access to Servihabitat's portfolio (servicer that provides advanced portfolio management services for developer and mortgage loans and real estate assets throughout its value chain).


IE Business School interviews David de Gea, Alumni of master's degree and an executive program at IE

David de Gea is an alumni of the Masters degree in Market Research & Consumer Behavior (MRCB) and the Executive Program of Real Estate Management with the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) done under the supervision of the IE Business School. He is currently the director of HousinGo, his own real estate firm, which has grown 450 percent in 2021. It has two offices in the Salamanca district of Madrid, one in Ayala 62 and the other in Serrano 81.


Nuevo vídeo corporativo de HousinGo by David de Gea

En HousinGo estamos de estreno. En este caso, traemos un nuevo vídeo corporativo, donde mostramos nuestros servicios, nuestro equipo, y nuestras oficinas. ¿Ya nos conocen?


"HousinGo by David de Gea signs an agreement with The University of Edinburgh for university internships"

The first student, who is in his final year of a Spanish and French degree, will be at HousinGo's offices in Madrid until the end of May. David de Gea, CEO of the real estate company, is in talks with other international and Spanish universities to attract interns to the company.


New Real Estate Personal Shopper (PSI) service

We offer you the best team of professionals in the real estate sector in Madrid to carry out an active search for the property you need, with total confidence and transparency of the actions to be developed.

Through our real estate tools we implement HousinGo's own recruitment systems, thus managing to find properties that fit your preferences. We perform for you the technical inspection of the property and negotiate the conditions, guaranteeing the best sale and purchase "without hidden defects".


The European University at Madrid interviews David de Gea, Alumni of the degree in International Business

David de Gea is an Alumni of the International Business Degree at the European University of Madrid. He is currently the director of HousingGo, his own real estate firm, which has grown up to 450 percent in 2021. It has two offices, at 62 Ayala Street and 81 Serrano Street.


"HousinGo by David de Gea" opens its second office in Salamanca neighborhood and grows 450 percent in 2021

The real estate firm, with its own brand, is carving out a niche for itself among the big names on Madrid's "Golden Mile" thanks to the proximity and positioning of its properties on more than 120 real estate portals around the world. The main forecasts for 2022 are to expand the network of collaborators and the area of operation to neighboring districts.

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