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Highlights for sale

Ref. 4262     76 m2  3  1
Flat for sale in Madrid, with 76 m2 and 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms.
530,000 €
Ref. 3234     210 m2  3  3
Penthouse for sale in Madrid, with 210 m2, 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms, Lift, Furnished, Air conditioning and Heating Electric.
2,795,000 €
Ref. 4475     79 m2  2  1
Flat for sale in Madrid, with 71 m2, 2 rooms and 1 bathrooms, Lift, Furnished and Heating Electric.
475,000 €
Ref. 4485     37 m2  1  1
Penthouse for sale in Madrid, with 37 m2, 1 rooms and 1 bathrooms, Lift, Furnished and Heating Heating.
299,000 €

Highlights for rent

Ref. 3060     100 m2  2  1
Penthouse for rent in Madrid, with 57 m2, 2 rooms and 1 bathrooms, Lift, Air conditioning and Heating Central.
1,490 €/month
Ref. 4424     62 m2  2  3
Flat for rent in Madrid, with 62 m2, 2 rooms and 3 bathrooms, Lift, Furnished, Air conditioning and Heating Natural Gas.
2,350 €/month
Ref. 4476     46 m2  1  1
Apartment for rent in Madrid, with 46 m2, 1 rooms and 1 bathrooms, Lift, Furnished and Heating Electric.
1,400 €/month
Ref. 4454     102 m2  2  1
Flat for rent in Madrid, with 92 m2, 2 rooms and 1 bathrooms, Lift, Air conditioning and Heating Central.
2,500 €/month

We advice you during the entire property selling process

In order to do so, we offer you a consultative sale: a sales management system, which places a special emphasis on your needs.
We design a sales strategy for your property. All this, with a constant compromise to continuously adapt to the sales process, according to the circumstances.


We work with Data Venues ONE, a Big Data tool through which we have access to updated information about the Real Estate industry.
We give sellers an upgraded market analysis with supply


We carry out comprehensive follow-ups with our sellers, guaranteeing legal security.
We recurrently present sellers with visual results.


We identify buyers interested in your property, carry out visits, and handle negotiations.
Potential clients receive a professional and personalized treatment.


Madrid is in fashion, but it is not a passing trend, but the consolidation of an attraction that for years has put it on the map for tourists, but also for investors.

In addition to its praised offer in gastronomic and nightlife, artistic and cultural heritage, the capital of Spain stands out above other European cities as a focus of real estate investment.

Specifically, according to recent data from Observatorio Inmobiliario, Madrid is placed as the second European destination, behind Berlin, in foreign investment in living, which is estimated at more than 1,400 million. Barcelona, with a seventh place and 900 million, is in the bottom of the ranking.

By living we are referring to the purchase of living spaces to house students, the creation of tourist apartments, shared-use housing and other solutions. This is a booming sector in Madrid and serves to gauge the real estate strength of a city like Madrid.

Few could have predicted that the economic turbulence (and all kinds of turbulence) brought about by the pandemic would be followed by a period of marked uncertainty such as the one we are living through. A time when, in addition to widespread inflation, rising prices of building materials, the increase in the shopping basket and therefore in the cost of living (as well as electricity bills, self-employment fees and other servitudes), there would also be a war in northern Europe that would further agitate the markets.

The investment landscape is changing and opportunities are being sought in cryptocurrencies, paper gold and shares in technology companies. Banks are also offering new, more sophisticated products (whether index funds or derivatives), ready to meet the investment demand of their clients.

However, in this complex scenario, real estate continues to maintain its profitability guarantees, as long as it is invested wisely and following a series of guidelines. In HousinGo by David de Gea, a real estate agency specialized in buying and selling and renting real estate in Barrio de Salamanca, we believe that investing in real estate is still a wise decision.

The most complicated challenges, even quitting smoking, become more manageable if there is information about it. This is how the author of that famous best-seller against the cigarette habit that helped so many people to give up such a toxic habit saw it, and this is how we understand it when writing this real estate information article.

Because buying a home is one of life's most important decisions, whether it is for an individual or family plans, and it cannot be made lightly. Nor looking for a paralyzing excellence, because, as the saying goes, "the perfect is the enemy of the good". That is to say, let's look for a good house, but let's assume that we will always have to make some renunciations, especially if our budget is limited.

Thus, if we choose a sought-after neighborhood, we may not find the penthouse of our dreams, and if we opt for an area farther from the center, we will have commodities but we will spend more time and money on transportation.

Aware of the vital importance of this decision, in the real estate agency "HousinGo by David de Gea", specialist in buying and selling and renting properties in Barrio de Salamanca of Madrid, we have prepared a simple guide with 10 very useful steps if you are thinking of buying a home, either for personal use or as an investment.

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