Property sale and purchase

We´re at your disposal to offer you professional advice about real estate investments.

Whether you know the characteristics of the property you are looking for, or need advice about how to distribute your budget according to your necessities and goals, we will find the property that suits your requests.

Through an exhaustive and personalized market research, we find the best opportunities. We reach out to you with detailed reports, so that you can study the different proposals, and visit only those properties that you are really interested in.

We guide you during the whole property buying process to make sure that you maximize your return on investment, whether you want to yield a profit through buying a property, refurbishing it and selling it, or you want to generate passive income by renting it.

We offer a comprehensive rental management service for your real estate portfolio. If you decide to rent a property, we´re in charge of the whole process (visits with clients, reservations, payments, maintenance, cleaning).

Company and Business School Services

We work so that you, your employees or your students find the perfect housing.

We´re experts in relocation services for professionals and master´s students who move to Madrid. We find the property that best suits your needs, and we share property information so that you can be prepared for your move.

You´ll be able to choose from the properties we have in our portfolio, or request one with the specific characteristics you seek. Our detailed descriptions and our filmed tours will help you know if a property suits you, whether you’re in Madrid or abroad.

Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority. From the initial contact until the end of the relocation process, we´re at your disposal, guiding you, and solving all your doubts. Our relocation services help you, your employees or your students make the best decisions.

We have relocated employees and students coming from diverse cultures and countries, with different professional and academic disciplines.


We advise you about how to position your property so that you obtain the maximum profitability, guaranteeing a personalized treatment.

We carry out a personalized deep evaluation of the area to rigorously and objectively evaluate your property, and propose the best sale price. Besides being able to reach out to us at any time, you´ll have access to sales process personal reports.

To avoid ambiguity from the very start, we produce a real and transparent guide about your property, portraying the usable squared meters that it has, and the different refurbishment possibilities, saving future buyers time and money.

We help you make the most out of your property. In order to do so, we take advantage of the most advanced marketing tools of the industry. We portray the history and personality of your property by carrying out virtual tours, 360º pictures, and interactive dossiers, boosting your house´s allure.

At first, we offer you visibility amongst our select client portfolio. If you wish, we maximize the visibility of your property making it visible to a more generic audience, always offering you a total coverage, both online and offline.

Property sale and purchase

As experts in real estate brokerage, our core business is buying and selling properties. We work to have an up-to-date portfolio of quality clients, while investing in marketing and advertising to maximize the visibility of all our properties.

Property rental

HousinGo stands out for its wide portfolio of properties for rent. Our network of contacts allows us to create synergies between owners and tenants.

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